This Glossary is provided to help guests understand more about the rental of inns, resorts and vacation rentals. It is not comprehensive but serves as a primer for terms guests may encounter in renting specialty lodging. Not all terms apply to all properties or managers.


Refers to ungroomed, unmarked or "off piste" areas outside of designated ski slopes.
Origin: skidictionary.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Backside Buttslide

A trick where the rider approaches a rail or box and sits on it, kicks their feet out and slides down the railing on their backside, "Mary Poppins" style.
Origin: SkiDictionary.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

3, 5, 7, 9, 19, 12

Number of full revolutions in a 360, 540, 720, 900, 1080 or 1260 turn. Used for aerial tricks.
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A snowboarding trick; to ride a rail with the board facing straight.
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Accessory Man

Term used to describe a snowboarder or skier who seemingly has every piece of gear on the market- and often wears it all at the same time.
Origin: SkiDictionary.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Adaptive Skiing

Adaptive skiing enables skiers with disabilities to participate in alpine skiing by using special equipment.
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Another important part of a Ski Binding is the anti-friction-device (AFD). The AFD is a small smooth pad directly behind the toe-side piece that minimizes friction if the toe-side piece is released sideways. You need to make sure that there is at least 1 mm of free space between the sole of your boot and the AFD. Most AFDs simply use a smooth surface but some more advanced models use mechanical moving parts to make sure the boot rolls or glides sideways if needed.
See also: http://www.abc-of-skiing.com/whatareskibindings.asp Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com


A snowboarder who jumps most of the time and is most interested in aerial tricks
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Alien Lid Aka Alien

A Rider that wears a helmet used mostly by speed oriented downhill skiers. Helmets resembling what road cyclist wears.
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Alpine skiing

The term used to distinguish downhill from Nordic skiing, and includes the disciplines of Alpine ski-touring, downhill racing, freestyle, giant slalom, special slalom, and recreational skiing (on or off prepared pistes). Alpine skis have bindings that fix both the toe and the heel to the ski.
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Someone who previously hired a professional service such as a property manager, advertising agency, attorney, accountant, etc. but no longer does so. Should not be used for a company, but rather for its owner or CEO. Generally not for the sale of goods whose buyers are referred to as Customers.
See also: Client Origin: Wm. May

Ancillary Stoke

The condition bestowed upon an onlooker or crowd as a snowboarder pulls off a totally insane maneuver.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


A rear handed backside handplant with a front-handed grab.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


A perfectly performed trick, turn or jump. With no fall involved, only professionals can be called. E.G. "That guy is busting Angelo-style!"
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


Bending in of the ankles, knees, and hips in any direction to achieve a higher degree of the ski edge.
See also: http://www.abc-of-skiing.com/skiing-dictionary.asp Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com


The shape of the body used to control turning and edge-grip - leaning out from the slope with the upper body, the hips and legs leaning inwards.
Origin: freestylesnowsports.co.uk Link: freestylesnowsports.co.uk


A twisting, or pre-rotation of the upper torso into the direction of the intended turn. The movement creates tension of the body, which aids turning of the skis at the start of the turn. Followed with counter-rotation.
Origin: Skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


refers to the night life after a day of skiing. This is the time to socialize - drinking, shopping, eating out, etc.
See also: http://www.abc-of-skiing.com/skiing-dictionary.asp Origin: http://www.abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com

Après-Ski Après-Ski Après-Ski

Après-Ski refers to the end of the day when the mountain has closed and the restaurants and bars are open for socializing.
Origin: http://www.skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org

Artic Cougar

An old lady who goes for really young guys on the slops and in the lodge
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

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