This Glossary is provided to help guests understand more about the rental of inns, resorts and vacation rentals. It is not comprehensive but serves as a primer for terms guests may encounter in renting specialty lodging. Not all terms apply to all properties or managers.


It means chillout and relax.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


This term means to choke last minute in a competition by acting cocky. In other words, a cocky tweak leading to disastrous results. First displayed by Lindsey Jacobelis in the 2006 Winter
See also: abc-of-skiing.com Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com

Chopped Powder

Powder snow that has been cut up by previous skiers.
Origin: Faheem, Muhammad Link: SaltLakeVacationRentals.com


Rough Terrain "Its a little choppy choppy today, lets bail."
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


This term means to choke last minute in a competition by acting cocky. In other words, a cocky tweak leading to disastrous results. First displayed by Lindsey Jacobelis in the 2006 Winter.
Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com


The original term for a christie, or a turn in which the skis skid for all or part of the turn. Christiania (now Oslo) was the place in which this term originated.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


A fat kid that has no skillz.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Citizen racing

Recreational ski races (often large), generally over 10-80 kilometer distance, and with a mass start.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


Someone who has hired a professional service such as a property manager, advertising agency, attorney, accountant, etc. Should not be used for a company, but rather for its owner or CEO. Generally not for the sale of goods whose buyers are referred to as Customers.
See also: Direct Marketing terminology, Owner, Target, Lead, RBO, Complex, Hijack, Client Origin: William May Link: VortexMethod.com


A person obsessed with taking C-boxes.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Colorado Slide

Coming to a halt by sliding your board between someone else's bindings, intentionally or otherwise.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


(1) A hotel room that is sold as if it were a home, but lacks certain common home features such as a full kitchen.

(2) Any condominium project where homes are operated as a hotel with a registration desk, cleaning service and more. The units are individually owned. Unit owners also have the option to place their unit in the hotels rental program where it is rented out like any other hotel room. Generally, condotels are sold as a second or third home.

NOTE: Mortgage financing for any property categorized as a Condotel may be labeled as "Non-Warrantable" and not financeable in the USA under Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lending programs.
Origin: Investopedia & VRIA


When a snowcat freshly grooms a trail it will leave a finely ridged surface. Corduroy is usual very nice for laying out clean turns.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Cork Or Corked

Is freestyle used to describe an off-axis rotation.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


Coarse, granular wet snow. Most commonly used by skiers describing good spring snow. Corn is the result of cycles of melting during the day and refreezing at night.
Origin: Faheem, Muhammad Link: SaltLakeVacationRentals.com


An overhanging lip or ridge of snow.
Origin: SkiDictionary.com Link: SkiDictionary.com


Slopes. e.g. "Rockin' down the badass couloirs".
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


Rotating the body one way, and the legs the opposite. When turning, the legs turn into the turn, whilst the body turns outward, creating the effect.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org

Courtesy code

Guideline for safe skiing - the skier's Highway Code.
Origin: freestylesnowsports.co.uk Link: freestylesnowsports.co.uk


Fantastically crapy. Examples: "the conditions on the Mt are craptastic." or "that craptastic landing wishboned my board."
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

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