This Glossary is provided to help guests understand more about the rental of inns, resorts and vacation rentals. It is not comprehensive but serves as a primer for terms guests may encounter in renting specialty lodging. Not all terms apply to all properties or managers.

Artic Cougar

An old lady who goes for really young guys on the slops and in the lodge
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Artificial snow

Snow can be also manufactured using snow cannons, which actually create tiny granules more like soft hail (this is sometimes called "grits" by those in the southern U.S. for its likeness to the texture of the food). In recent years, snow cannons have been produced that create more natural-looking snow, but these machines are prohibitively expensive.
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Stands for the the American Association of Snowboard Instructors. AASI is a way for snowboard instructors to put forth a safe, and fun lesson in which students can learn and enjoy the sport nationwide.
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when you fall on your ass but going so fast that you pass people on your ass -he pulled the old ''asspass'' on me, and flew right by!
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Is a condition when huge masses of Snow slide down a slope. This is one of the major dangers during winter. See our section on Avalanche Awareness and Avalanche Survival and Rescue and learn the dangers and types of Avalanches.
See also: http://www.abc-of-snowboarding.com/avalancheawareness.asp Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com

Avalanche Activator

A person who always triggers avalanches. E.G. "Look at that AvalancheActivator ride."
See also: AvalancheActivator ride Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Avalanche Transceiver

An electronic device worn when skiing that helps in locating skiers caught in an avalanche. In normal mode, the transceiver transmits a signal that can be detected by another transceiver in search mode. Also known as a Beacon.
See also: Avalanche Beacon Origin: SkiDictionary.com Link: SkiDictionary.com


Boarders Code Of Conduct, Can be used as part of "are you part of the BCOC?" or "that's not part of the BCOC
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Backside 180

Aerial maneuver in which the rider makes a 180 degree rotation off the jump leading with the heelside (clockwise for a regular stance-counterclockwise for goofy)
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Backside Rodeo

Coming off a jump and turning your back down the hill, flipping 540 and landing fakie or rotating a total of 720 and landing regular.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


A term used to describe crashing or falling. e.g. "He bailed and landed on his head."
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com

Balling up

A condition of the skis when snow adheres to the running surface, and thus prevents efficient glide.
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used when a nice trick was landed -that was a banging tail grab.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


Leaning the body into the centre of the radius of the turn to maintain edging and counteract centrifugal force, as you would when riding a bicycle.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: Skiresorts.org


To go for a trick with all you've got. e.g. "Dude, you just gotta barge that jump."
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


The base is the average amount of snow that is on a ski trail, typically measured in inches.
Origin: SkiDictionary.com Link: SkiDictionary.com

Base Lodge

A lodge at the base of the slopes, usually containing a variety of skier services, from ticketing to food.
Origin: collage.triseptsolutions.com Link: collage.triseptsolutions.com

Base wax

A preparatory wax applied to the base surfaces of skis to allow klisters, grip and glide waxes to take firmer hold. 'Grundvalla' is the Swedish word for this substance.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org

Basic stance

A position in which you might stand when about to receive a serve in tennis or squash, or when about to catch a heavy ball - with the knees flexed forward and head over the balls of your feet, and hands reaching forward slightly.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


It is a round, usually flat, disc located near the Ski Pole Tip.
See also: http://www.abc-of-skiing.com/whatareskipoles.asp Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com

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