This Glossary is provided to help guests understand more about the rental of inns, resorts and vacation rentals. It is not comprehensive but serves as a primer for terms guests may encounter in renting specialty lodging. Not all terms apply to all properties or managers.

Kick double-pole

An ambiguous term used to describe stride double-pole.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org

Kick turn

An about-face turn whilst stationary, by lifting one ski and reversing its direction, followed by the other ski.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


A jump of somekind in which you may try to do some kind of move.
Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com

Kickin Chicken

A Skier/Rider that gets airborne and starts kicking and flailing their legs, desperately trying to regain form. Usually results in a bail or yard sale.
Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com


A tacky, resinous ester mixture, normally sold in aluminum toothpaste-type tubes, used for grip on icy, refrozen or wet snow.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


A very tacky grip wax, normally sold in small aluminum tubs, that is used for grip on fresh, but wet snow.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org

Kombi skating

A less-used variation of free skating, whereby the poles are pointed straight ahead, under the shoulders, with or without an arm swing.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


A German word meaning 'long-running', used to describe ski racing.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: Skiresorts.org

Lateral Projection

Transferring weight from the downhill to the uphill ski while moving on a traverse
Origin: skiresorts.org3 Link: skiresorts.org

Lateral stepping

Stepping one ski out sideways and parallel from the other ski - often used when turning in slalom races.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


Uphill transport for skiers can be found in several forms.
Origin: freestylesnowsports.co.uk Link: freestylesnowsports.co.uk

Lighted loipe

A set track with lights for night skiing, common in Scandinavia.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


A ridge to ski over and catch a little air from. usually the beginning of a steeper fall line.
Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com

Lodging Taxes

Includes the sales, tourism and sometimes other taxes imposed on lodging by governments in a given destination. Facilities are required to add these taxes to the price of lodging and sometimes other costs.
Origin: Vacation Rental Association


Someone who is looking to purchase a vacation rental home. Not all lookers end up buying. Should not be used for a company, but rather for its owner or CEO.
See also: client, buyer, unit Origin: William May Link: VortexMethod.com

Marathon skating

See half skating.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org

Matching skis

When skis are brought parallel or facing in the same direction.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


The process of snowflake crystal degradation, usually caused by continual thawing and refreezing, altering the structure of the snow that has fallen.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org


Mound formed in a piste by the repeated turning of skis that follow the same tracks, thus carving out ruts. Steeper slopes have more pronounced moguls.
See also: Piste Origin: SkiDictionary.com Link: SkiDictionary.com


National Coach and Instructor Scheme, the organization that trains and certifies all Nordic ski instructors and coaches in Australia.
Origin: skiresorts.org Link: skiresorts.org

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