This Glossary is provided to help guests understand more about the rental of inns, resorts and vacation rentals. It is not comprehensive but serves as a primer for terms guests may encounter in renting specialty lodging. Not all terms apply to all properties or managers.


More instructor jargon for 'bent'.
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This is the most essential physical conditioning factor in preventing Skiing injuries. See our section on Ski Fitness - General Conditioning to learn more about Flexibility as well as other elements to Ski Fitness.
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Opposite of extension. Movement resulting in the bending of a leg joint.
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Flow line

The line water would follow if poured down the slope.
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Four phase

Also known as double-arm resting; whilst diagonal striding, the skier rests both arms in front of the body, rather than planting both poles sequentially for two push-offs.
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Free skating

Also known as tuck skating, or downhill skating, or speed skating, this is skating (mostly downhill, and on the flat - rarely uphill) without the use of poles, and sometimes in a tuck. The more exotic arm movements seen in the mid-1980's (such as kombi skating) are less favored these days.
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FreeStyle Freestyle

Dancing on skis. Highly recommended for improving balance and confidence. Practicing freestyle moves increases the chance of recovery in sticky situations elsewhere.
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Freestyle Skiing

This is a Skiing Discipline which incorporates techniques in Skiing and acrobatics. For more information, see our section on Freestyle Skiing.
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French Fry

Putting you skis together and going straight down the hill.
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This is the ultimate description of euphoria. That last trip to the mountains was FRONT!!!!Dude, he pulled of a FRONT airdog. Checkout the FRONT chick on the lift. Origin- Cold Front brings the start of the season, abbreviate and it's FRONT bro.
Origin: abc-of-snowboarding.com Link: abc-of-snowboarding.com


Occurs when body parts are exposed to extreme cold for a period of time. Learn the various ways on how to prevent Frostbite. For more details, see our section on First Aid - Frostbit and Frostbite.
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Fruit Booter

A skier who skis on mini skis.
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A garland is a series of fake turns leading the skier to a fall line.
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Giant Slalom race

A more open and longer slalom race, with the gates spread wider apart. Run twice.
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Also called Cabin Lift, this is the largest and most comfortable Lift. Check out our section on Lifts On Piste - Different Types of Ski and Snow Resort Lifts and learn more about Gondolas and other Lifts.
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Grass Skiing

This is simply Skiing on grass. It is an all-year round Skiing Discipline which is done on grassy slopes using special equipment. For more information, see our section on Grass Skiing.
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Half plough

When descending, allowing one ski to remain pointing in the direction of travel, whilst the other is skidded out at the tail and partly pressured to slow the skier down.
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Half skating

Also known as the track skating, or marathon skating, or Koch skating, or single-leg skating, or one-leg skating, or Finnstep, or Finnish step, or Siitonen step, this technique is generally used in tracks, with one ski pushing (skating) whilst the other gliding ski remains in the track, or sliding in the direction of travel.
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Heli Skiing

Skiing Discipline which allows you to ski on infinite slopes with untouched Powder. A helicopter is required to take you where normal transportation cannot reach. For more details, see our section on Heli Skiing.
Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com


This refers to the technique of moving upwards. It is named after the marks left by the Skis when this technique is used. For more details, see our section on Skiing Beginner Course - Surface Exercises to the Plough.
Origin: abc-of-skiing.com Link: abc-of-skiing.com

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